Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Petty God: Ratacus Gant, Slayer of Young Delvers and Patron of Giant Rats - Now With ART!

So, until / unless someone decides to do some art up specifically for Ratacus Gant, I remembered the awesome selection of Stock Art that I got from one of Inkwell Ideas Kickstarters.

The eyes are the right color. The fur - it could be a really tarnished copper coin color...

Actually, it does a pretty good job of capturing the look of Ratacus, although my vision did have him being a bit fatter. Maybe this is the Avatar he whips out to scare the kids at night ;)

Ratacus Gant
 Slayer of Young Delvers and Patron of Giant Rats
Art by Ryan Sumo
Used With Permission

Ratacus Gant

Symbol: A Single Copper Piece

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 120’

Armor Class: 9

Hit Points (Hit Dice): 2000 hp (1HD + 1992HP)

Attacks: Bite and Special

Damage: 1d30 and Special

Save: M30+

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: 2,000 Coppers, Assorted Jewelry

XP: 2,000

Ratacus Gant, Slayer of Young Delvers and Patron of Giant Rats is worshipped by Giant Rat Cabals. Such Cabals are always in numbers of nine. Nine is the number and the number shall be nine. The Cabals of Nine, as they are known, accumulate copper pieces as part of the worship of their god, and when the coinage reaches 2,000 coppers in number (no more, no less) they begin the Rite of Summoning.

The Rite of Summoning of Ratacus Gant requires the Giant Rats to bury the 2,000 copper coins they have accumulated beneath assorted debris and their own excrement. To complete the ritual requires the blood of a Young Delver, Adventurer or random humanoid. If the Cabal can kill their target within the area of summoning and the sacrifice's blood mixes with the coppers, debris and excrement, there is a 9% chance that Ratacus Gant will be summoned.

Ratacus Gant takes on the appearance of a normal Giant Rat, if normal means fur the color of copper and beady, intelligent, red eyes. Ratacus has no special defenses, but is able to absorb so much damage that he is nearly impossible to kill. He is, however, easily distracted by copper pieces, and if coppers pieces are thrown in his direction, there is a 9% chance per copper thrown (to a maximum of 10 coppers and 90%) for him to be distracted long enough for a party to flee. Ratacus has no normal save against this effect.

As a special attack, Ratacus can cast Flesh to Copper, which in all effects is identical to a Flesh to Stone spell, except that the target is turned to copper. This can be cast at will, once per round.


  1. A more eye glowy, less covered in spike version of Ratacus...


  2. I love it! But - one question... does Ratacus strike as a 1HD monster in combat?


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