Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The "Old" Group is Still Talking D&D - With a Possible Session This Sunday Morning!?!

I know the saying is "Strike while the iron is hot" but I never expected my "Old" gaming group to start tossing around the idea of actually getting a session running "this Sunday morning". I'm not sure how serious the idea is, but there's been over 2 dozen emails passed back and forth this afternoon so far, and more as I'm typing this.

It seems like the ever changing rules / patches / updates in the world of MMOs have pushed the frustration factor high enough to bring them back to comforting ground level.

Of course, there is still the issue of game system - I'm pushing either for OSRIC / AD&D 1e or BFRPG with a handful of houserules in either case.

Thankfully I'm all caught up on game prep for my Saturday night game. Sunday morning is going to be a rush job if they can't decide on a system soon. Although I'm not even sure all are up for a Sunday morning game this weekend.

Thankfully, the wife will be at her yoga class most of the morning ;)


  1. Congrats on reassembling the Avengers! One suggestion, you have reviewed so many games/systems in the past year, might you suggest one or some that you would like to run with the group? I just mention all these awesome treasures you discovered and see if they appeal to any of you players. I am a big fan of nostalgic and returning to the fun and familiar, but there some pretty awesome revivalist and groundbreaking systems/settings out there.

  2. Last night when Tim gamed online, I shut him in the office and played in the kitchen. I have to shut the door, otherwise Bug goes in there and pesters him. She likes doing monster sound effects.


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