Monday, March 4, 2013

Hexographer / Dungeongrapher (and more) 30% Off Through March 6th For GM's Day

You probably won't see this sale mentioned in many places, but here's the skinny - everything at Inkwell Ideas Online Store is 30% off with the code: March4 from now through March 6th.

Need mapping software? It's there.

Need to design your own Coat of Arms? There's software for it.

Want your own set of Dungeonmorph Dice?

I believe even the Monster Stock Art is 30& off.

I have everything I mentioned but the Coat of Arms software. Might have to snag that before the sale ends.


  1. I can't recommend Inkwell Ideas stuff enough. I used Hexographer for my "Beyond the Flanaess" maps, and it's easy to use and does a fantastic job.

  2. I should also mention that the Coat of Arms software is amazing too. I've done a lot of Greyhawk heraldry on it, and it's just fun as hell.


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