Monday, March 4, 2013

GM's Day Sale is Going on For the Next Week at RPGNow

Yep, RPGNow / OneBookShelf is running it's yearly GM's Day Sale.

If it's on sale, it's at least 25% off.

I'll need to take a deeper look over the next few days, but there are some highlights amongst the publishers:

Goblinoid Games has most (not all) of it's stuff on sale, including Rotworld and Starships and Spacemen (both old and new editions).

Chaosium has what appears to be it's whole PDF library on sale including Basic Roleplaying and CoC

Eldritch Enterprises has it's full catalogue on sale. Curse of the Weaver Queen isnt a bad deal for less than 6 bucks.

Goodman Games has all of the DCC adventures for sale, as well as the DCC RPG for $14.05 in PDF. Not bad for a 480 page PDF ;)

more later...

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