Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lulu Coupon for 40% Off - A Single Book

Okay, so I've seen a handful of others mention the current Lulu.com coupon code that is giving 40% off for one day only - today. What I didn't realize is that it's apparently for one book ONLY .

I want to get the most value out of my 26DEC code, so - any suggestions of that that one book should be?

(I already have the Blood & Treasure Complete in HC - although that would be a damn good choice)

Add your ideas here or the accompanying G+ thread...


  1. Heroes & Other Worlds -


  2. ^ Agreed, would have suggested the same thing. In fact, I'm going to grab another copy!

  3. *ditto* Great TFT-clone, another kind of OSR.

  4. You *need* another copy of Dyson's Delves, obviously. ;)


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