Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Inn Generator Curtesy of WotC

It isn't often that I find something on the WotC site that is a perfect fit for OSR gaming. Surprisingly enough, the new online Inn Generator is an awesome fit!

Here's a random example I just rolled:

Ruby Harpy

1 server   Rooms Available (None)

Witglen Kenisville (M, Human, 38)

Class (Common)
Room: 5sp/day, Common Room: 2sp/day

NPCs Present (32)
4 Commoners, 3 Merchants, 4 Military Elite, 6 Nobles, 1 NPC Adventurer, 2 NPC VIPs, 2 Priests, 1 Shady Character, 1 Town Guard, 8 Other

Today's SpecialLocale 
(Tropical)Grilled water snake in marigold sauce, Swamplight spirits

Atmosphere (Depressing)
All alcohol shipments have been delayed, resulting in a low supply and increased prices.

Topics of Conversation (3)

• Last winter’s fires weren’t an accident. They were started by a drunken, miscast spell by a careless traveler.

• Parents speak of their ire at their childrens’ dreams of someday becoming adventurers.

• A customer laments his upcoming chores. He despairs of a full two weeks of hard work attending to his master’s errands.

Randon Events (2)

• A patron performs a trick with a coin and then flicks it toward a server, who catches it with wink and smile.

• With a loud cheer, two patrons stand and begin to dance without rhythm—clearly inebriated.


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