Friday, December 28, 2012

I Went to Drinking Quest and All I Got Were Wasted Fun!

Holy Crap!

Drinking Quest is drinking fun!

Yes, I'm most of the way through a 5 liter mini-keg of Newcastle at the moment - and I've yet to have a stein of beer go warm yet.

So far Malty has fallen twice and was brought back to life by sizable chugging. He's the "skillmonkey" of the game. I think I've found my favorite character.

Did I mention I was playing with the creator of the game?

Did I mention I've been drinking when the game hadn't called for it?

Review will follow when I've sobered up.

Shit, Quest 4 is about to start - gotta run!


  1. I think I need to get this game,as I have four bottles of Kilt Lifter and ten of Summit Great Northern Porter chilling in the garage. (Winter in Minnesota is great for keeping beer cold) And I poured the Glenfiddich 15yr into the decanter the Marine sent me for Christmas. Usually I drink while playing cribbage, first one to lose track of which way the board is going wins.
    Granddaughter is asleep for the night, you've inspired me to go make a dent in the supplies.

  2. Which Tobermory is that in the pic? And how good was it? Rod, how was the Glenfiddich 15? I liked the Snow Phoenix, but haven't tried any of their other offerings. Sounds like a super fun game, unfortunately the closest group I could play with is ~2hr drive from home :(


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