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Butt Kicking For Goodness! Assorted Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) Updates Through 11/8/12

When you have your fingers in many Kickstarter Pies, you tend to get many updates.

Oh, and for those that have been asking - the current overtime due to Hurricane Sandy will not be used to fund further Kickstarters. Alright, some of it may be used that way, but I'm sure my wife has other plans for most of it ;)

Spears of the Dawn

Funded earlier tonight

Your unstinting generosity comes through once again as I hit the $10,000 stretch goal that will fund color art for The House of Bone and Amber. Thanks to your effort, publishers are soon to have over sixty pieces of African-flavored b/w art for use in their own projects, plus the color illustrations from The House of Bone and Amber. You've made it obvious to any observers that there is indeed a market for this kind of gaming, and there's room for independent publishers who want to put out something to satisfy that demand.

So what now?

Now the payments are being processed and Amazon and Kickstarter are taking their cuts. Once I get the final information, I'll send out the beta PDF, which includes more art that's come in since the alpha and corrections supplied by you eagle-eyed alpha readers. I would expect this to happen in about two weeks.

Once that's provided, I continue to receive art from my talented colleagues while I finish doing the rewrite and layout of The House of Bone and Amber and arrange for the color work to be done on it. The current schedule is for a March 2013 release, whereupon backers will all get the final PDFs of both products and print backers will get their POD copies dispatched by the keen professionals at OneBookshelf. The art and InDesign templates will then be bundled together and put up on DTRPG/RPGNow for free download. I would prefer to get this all put to bed before March, and I would not be surprised if I was able to do so, but the March deadline was set to include time to handle the inevitable problems that crop up in production. ( someone who knows how to plan ahead and make an accurate delivery estimate)

You have my thanks once again for the great generosity you've shown. This is the first Kickstarter I've run myself, and you've made it quite the success. Once you all have what you've so munificently paid for, I look forward to using this model for bringing out other material for your gaming delectation. Until then, may you find good use for Spears of the Dawn.

Axes and Anvils

Big 'ol Update
Update #30 · Nov. 08, 2012 ·

I know many of you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on the rules - I assure you that everything possible is being done to make sure that you not only get a great first product but a great product line. That took some doing and stretched our resources a bit. No problem. Challenge accepted. Let me catch you up on where we are -

Nystul's Infinite Dungeon: The first Castle Nystul product and the one that spawned A&A. It is ahead of A&A in the queue. Great news! The text version of Vol 1 has gone to backers and is in art / layout! The way is clear for A&A. (see, now I don't need to add the Nystul's Infinite Dungeon update ;)

A&A Extras: Lots of goodness coming! Wait until you hear these drinking songs!

I have fiddled a bit overlong with locking down the design of the game. That's because it matters so much to me because it matters so much to all of you. I want to deliver with a vengeance. Still - time is an issue. At any of the larger companies i have worked the dev time would have been like 6 months longer but I promised November so I have to let go : )

Someone asked if she would be able to give the book as a gift. Maybe. There is a lot to be done to do this right.

Here is what my plan is - I'm going to get you all playing in November. Many will be able to play with me online (finally figured out how to do it!). I'll get at least a draft to you by Christmas - the only delay being getting all the awesome art Jeff wants to do will take him some time but that shouldn't stop you from playing. He is really excited about this project and i want to give him room to run.

Addressing the gift giving issue - I think what I will do is get the multipath book done in time to be a Christmas Present to you guys. I'll set it up as a free download and for those of you who need a physical gift we will figure out a way to get you a copy to wrap.

I have been spending a lot of time figuring out the Living Campaign component. I don't have a lot of time to get that right. I'm going to be contacting the Lords soon about being able to contribute maybe more than they hoped : )

Dwarf Con - The Con YOU made possible! I'm currently running a membership drive - the first 50 to register for a Weekend Membership will only be charged $25! Simply write "Thanksgiving Special" in the special instructions field of the web form! That's half off the door price! It's also an Early Bird so you still get a free TShirt! I will also enter those first 50 in a drawing for an upgrade to VIP! I'll go one better for you - until Thanksgiving if you decide you want to come as a VIP enter "Backer" in the comments field and I'll give you $20 off!

Cairn: Another project is launching this weekend. We are doing this in part to cover costs (the laundry list of stuff I'm putting together and a con are an expensive proposition!) It's different because it will be a 5 day window and when it is done we will be delivering in 9 days or less. (this will be interesting to see how it plays out) A two week blitz! We did that because our first priority is A&A and the last thing we needed was anything standing in our way clogging up the works.Cairn is a great little one off and will make a great Christmas gift!

Thanks again for your support, patience and enthusiasm! I can't wait to start playing with some of you and meeting a few of you at cons!


Dwarven Adventurers Box Set (is anyone surprised that I supported this at a very nice level?)


October Shipments have been mailed. Remember that if you had any add-ons that require your order to ship at a later date then it will ship later.

Character Cards arrived and we are very pleased! :D

We are tentatively planning to have the rest of the cast dwarves & troll in our hands mid-late November (We hope before Thanksgiving). And from there it is just mailing them all out!

Bard & Druidess + Her Familiar!

When a $1k project raises over $135k, I'm willing to wait 2 months extra ;)
Re-Creating my Melnibonean Art from Deities & Demigods!

New: Empire of the Petal Throne Art Kickstarter!
Update #61 - For backers only (I doubt Jeff minds me sharing this)· Nov. 07, 2012 ·

My next Kickstarter art project has launched!

This time around, I'm re-visiting the drawings I did for M.A.R. Barker's Legions of the Petal Throne painting Guide article way back in Dragon Magazine #6. These were my first professionally published drawings, ever! Stretch goals include drawings of ALL of the underworld creatures, which were never depicted in the original Empire of the Petal Throne RPG from TSR! Check it out:


-Jeff Dee

Starships & Spacement 2nd Edition

Goblinoid Games posted an announcement 3 days ago
Hi all! Just a quick update.

I got a UPS ship notice today for the books! However, I’m not yet sure if it is for the whole order or just part of it (for example, just the hard covers or just the perfect bound books or everything). But I’ll keep everyone updated. I should be able to start shipping some orders within a week. (this had an October delivery estimate - so for a Kickstarter / Indiegogo project this might even be considered "early" ;)

All the best,

wow - no spoiled fruit in this bunch - go figure ;)


  1. I have to say, I've never understood Jeff Dee's Kickstarters. Why does he need all this money to simply re-draw stuff? He seems to basically be using KS as a store, which I guess is okay, but not really what it was meant to do, ie, raise money to pay for things to make the product possible (in RPGs, art mostly)

    1. In brief- "opportunity cost". Jeff Dee's artistic output isn't unlimited, so he's got to decide how best to spend it. A Kickstarter is a way of polling the fanbase to figure out whether or not it's actually worth his time to create particular work. If the KS doesn't get backed, it means that he should turn his attention to something else. For a creative type whose time really is money, payment does mean that some things can happen that otherwise would be financially impractical.


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