Friday, November 9, 2012

Fighting the Internal Clock - or How I'll Stay Awake to DM Tomorrow Night's A&A Game

When the DM is on a Caffeine Rush the Players Better be Extra Careful...

I've been waking just before 3 am the past week to get to work by 4 am - and the previous week I was waking just before 4 am to get there by 5 am.

Things to note:

1 - I am not a morning person by nature. I like to sleep in until 9 or 10 if given the chance.

2 - Our Saturday night game doesn't kick off until about 930 pm, and we don't hit our stride until about 10. We've had sessions where I didn't get to log out of G+ Hangouts until after 4am

3 - I've therefore been waking at a time I've been known to still be gaming, or after game chatting.

4 - It's barely 930 pm right now and I'm doing a bit of the "junkie nod" at my computer desk. If I don't stay in motion or active, my head will probably hit the keys ;)

Tomorrow will be a night of very caffeinated tea and a 5 hour energy or two (spaced well apart).

I wonder if my players' PCs will be at further risk with my future caffeine rush ;)

(as a side note - I have to be AT work at 240 am on Monday morning - so up at 145 or so. I wonder if I should even bother going to sleep)

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