Monday, November 5, 2012

Sometimes Shaking the Tree Drops Fruit - Indiegogo Updates in My Mailbox

Yep, I got some Indiegogo project updates in my mailbox this morning. Two were in relation to projects I supported during the LotFP Insane Multi-Project promotion this past summer, and the other was for Angels, Daemons and Beings Between for the DCC RPG.

The updates were nice to get, and in neither case am I worried about the projects completing. It does appear that Raggi does read the Tavern on occasion:

Good news, bad news. 
Bad news first: Everything isn’t going quite as smoothly as hoped with all the projects and the timing, so looks like we’re going to be a bit late on delivery (one of those unfortunately common occurrences with crowdfunding). (emphasis mine)
The good news is that Jeff has turned in the text for Broodmother so work is moving forward! WOOOO!
Is crowdfunding a bad thing? Hell no! It's bringing games to out table that might not get seen otherwise.

Somebody just needs to keep on top of those that take our money to fund their projects. Kinda like how my parents had to get on my ass in High School to do my homework and reports in a timely manner and not wait to the last evening of vacation to work on that 10 page paper.

I'll be working on an addendum post to yesterday's overdue Kickstarters thanks to the comments and emails I've received from my readers. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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