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Butt Kicking For Goodness! Assorted Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) Updates Through 11/6/12

I think I like the "Butt Kicking For Goodness!" line from Baldur's Gate for this ongoing series of posts. Let me know if you think it fits or not, and if not, what your suggestion would be for the title of the series.

Alright, without further ado, and in no particular order:

Swords & Wizardry: The Actual 1st Edition Roleplaying Rules

Delayed shipping, delayed invoices

Update #34 · Nov. 05, 2012 · 16 comments  

We have made an egregious error in our cover art due date. There's no way to beat around the bush. Our original art order went out with a November 15th due date which should have read November 1st and no one caught it. Imagine our surprise when November rolled around and no cover art came in, only to find out the mistake was ours. We therefore apologize for the delay in getting the book out to you. (even with the delay, it's no where near as late as the majoritiy of Kickstarters run. Still, that's one HELL of a fuck up!).The book went to the printers today but they cannot print until we receive the cover art. The printers need about 3-4 weeks to turn it around to us and then we need another week to get the packages in your hands. Therefore, we are expecting a delivery date just before Christmas. We will make every attempt to get the books in your hands by the 25th of December. These initial packages will not include the Monster Book. The art deadline on the Monster Book is December 1st due to the additional art we added. Therefore we expect the Monster Book Pledges and those that include the Monster Book to be delivered after the New Year.

As soon as we have the cover art we will post images and the progress report here. As for the invoices, we have delayed these as well to investigate different shipping options since 20% of the Rappan Athuk packages were damaged by the post office. We believe we have found a solution with double boxing the books. This has slightly increased the shipping by $2 but should ensure the books arrive in pristine condition. On top of that we had to give mama frog a few days off - we've been working her to death. Therefore the surveys should be going out by the 15th of the month.

In light of the recent news we have decided to add 2 more dice for free to all the pledges that have dice or those that have added them on. We will now include a D% and a D3 to the set. All 10 of the dice will be packed in a spring top cube case as well. We hope this can make up for the delay in the delivery.


tremulus: a storytelling game of lovecraftian horror

Sean Preston
Tuesday Nov 6, 7:32am EST
Hello All!

You'll find the latest iteration of tremulus at the following link:
no link for YOU ;)  (Gotta love a game that give you an updated PDF every two week so)

1. You'll want to grab the changelog there
2. You'll note we put in version numbers now.
3. You'll want to DL the revised playbook package.

If you've got any questions, please join our tremulus forum, and post them there. We have an active, helpful, and friendly community growing!




backers only - project name redacted

November Update

Update #15 - For backers only · Nov. 05, 2012 · comment   (last update via Kickstarter was way too long ago) 

Hi all!

I'm very glad to say the last piece of art is finished (and amazing), the last tweaks to the rules completed, and as of today, XXXXXXXX is in layout.  XXXX XXXXXXX will be working xxx magic over the next few weeks to produce the final pdf and print version of XXX.  I'm as eager as anyone else to see what xxx does with it, but I've told xxx to take the time xxx feels she needs to do it right. I appreciate everyone's patience, but I want to assure all that the extra time taken on the art and editing thus far has been well worth it.

Names - you will all be credited as backers of course, but if any of you want a different name listed than the one I have through Kickstarter, please email me and let me know so I can change it.

Some of you have no doubt noticed my presence on the web is not what it used to be.  As some of you know, I joined XXXXXXX program in XXXXXX assisting with XXXXXXX.  As a consequence, my internet time is severely curtailed.  Its best to contact me by email directly - XXXXXXX@XXXX - rather than through Kickstarter, if you have a message.  I'm usually able to go through my email every two or three days.  My new duties haven't had much bearing on XXX however, as it has largely been in the hands of others to complete, but I do apologize for not being on top of timely updates for those who've been wondering where the project stood.

While XXXX works on the layout, I'll be putting together the pdf of XXXXXXXX and doing some work on the cover.  Will update again when there's more news. (I still have no idea from this update when the project will be ready - it's already late, it's only going to get later)

Oh, lastly, It's been pointed out to me that the XXXXX development forum is down since (I think) yesterday.  I don't know why that is but I assume it is just temporary.  That forum has largely served its purpose anyway, but if it turns out to be permanently down, I'll look into some other forum options.



Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures

First Shipment to begin this week!

Update #77 · Nov. 06, 2012 · 50 comments  

We’ve finish casting all of the 1000s of Sophie models and we have received the ball caps and T-shirts from our vendor so this week we will be starting the shipping of these items, including shippable Crown Jewel rewards. Things will be showing up at your doorstep soon!

We are on schedule still to start shipping everything else next March. (woot!)

We’ve added the ability to add special characters to your address. If you need to make changes to your address like using cyrillic, please go back to the Post Kickstarter Reaper Pledge Manager and make sure your mailing address is correct. For your security and protection your original log-in tokens are expiring, so when you log-in again you will get a new log-in link sent to the email address you have on record with us.

The PDF downloads are now available at the Post Kickstarter Reaper pledge manager. If you log back into the RMP your success page will now have the download links for you.

and finally, it’s not the greatest picture as we didn’t take it, but you’ll get the idea.


King For a Day

Page 259
Update #29 · Oct. 31, 2012 · comment  

Well. I almost got there.

I am leaving for 3 weeks in Vietnam and will get back to writing when I get home.

In the meantime, I'm going to send PDFs to people who asked to help review.

Thanks again for all your patience. Jon Hunt is working on one of the NPC pieces of art and if he gets it done in the next 24 hours, I will post another update.

Thanks again for everyone's patience. (I am resigned to the idea that this will happen when it happens if it happens while I still remember what it's about)


Other "Backers Only" Updates - Summarized and scrubbed.

A - Yep, the author has picked up speed. It's late and will still be later still, but not as late as we had projected when we projected how late it would be. So, the initial estimate was too short, the revised estimate was too long and the current estimate may be just right - at least until the next update.

B - It's late but getting there. Shipping's a biatch, so if you pledged for print at one of the lower levels for multiple products, they'll all ship at the end when the last product is ready - nothing to see here. consistently good quality and consistently horrible timeliness

Any updates you may want me to add in future postings can be emailed to erikATtrubluniteDOTnet.

If it's backers only, you can scrub or I will at your request.

I have a shitload more to add, but this will be an endless post if I do it tonight ;)

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  1. "backers only - project name redacted"
    I know which one that is since I backed it too. I was also among those who asked for an update.

    I get the feeling "Will update again when there's more news" is an attempt to absolve him of having to provide any kind of regular communication. That seems to me to negate the apology for not providing timely updates in the previous paragraph.


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