Saturday, November 10, 2012

The TSR Reprints Keep on Coming - AD&D 2e Hits in May 2013

I just caught this on Joe the Lawyer's blog - AD&D 2e is being reprinted in May of 2013. I don't think this is "new" news, but it's certainly worth mentioning.

You really can't blame WotC for pushing earlier edition reprints like they are going out of style - they have very little RPG related income coming in between now and the release of 5e based on new products and they need to fill the gap anyway they can.

As a bit (alright, huge bit) of a grognard, I'm very happy with the reprints they are putting forth. My 2e books, much like Joe states on his blog, have the worst binding of any RPG books I own, with the possible exception of Unearthed Arcana for 1e.

I still remember taking a walk out to "Discount Books" in Jackson Heights to grab my copy of the Player's Handbook for  AD&D 2e the day it released. Needless to say, it wasn't discounted. ;)

I want ToEE to be reprinted, as I ran that so many times it is literally beat to all hell...


  1. Funny, my black cover revised edition 2E books are in about the best condition of any of my game books.

    Still, I am glad to see this. And I'm still hoping for either a BX reprint (combined in one volume would be cool) or RC reprint.


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