Sunday, November 18, 2012

Butt Kicking For Goodness! Assorted Kickstarter Updates

This Will be My Favorite Mini of All Time! :)

More of the latest, if not the greatest:

FANTASTIQA -- A Game of Adventure

Your games are shipping out on 11/14 and 11/15!
Update #12 · Nov. 14, 2012 ·  (I am not going to complain about the game shipping one month late. In the world of Kickstarters, that is like shipping one month early ;)

Virtually all games for Kickstarter Backers are shipping out today (11/14) and tomorrow (11/15)!  They are mostly going out in US Postal Service Medium Flat Rate boxes.  The USPS tells us to tell you to allow 5 to 7 business days for shipping.  So that's what we are telling you.  As to international shipping,  these are going out as well, but clearly we have no control over shipping time for these parcels and we are at the mercy of the various postal services involved, but what we can tell you is that they will go out by the end of the day tomorrow.

Once again, we thank you all very much for your support of Fantastiqa on Kickstarter!

Enjoy the game--Rick, for Gryphon Games

Swords & Wizardry: The Actual 1st Edition Roleplaying Rules

Further Delays

Update #35 · Nov. 17, 2012

As many of you have noticed, we have not shared the cover art yet and that is because we don't have it yet. (this after giving the cover artist the wrong due date - guess the due date didnt really matter) This latest delay has caused us to miss an important window of time for our printing schedule. In the meantime with the Holidays fast around the corner, we are delaying the invoices until we have a more concrete date of delivery. We hope to have another update soon with where we stand on shipping dates and invoice dates. We apologize for any inconveniences.

In better news, Bill's module and Matt's Intro Module went to the printers along with the coloring book. So the last book in layout is the Monstrosities. We expect all the art to be in by December 1st and layout to be completed shortly after that.

Backers Only - Project and Identifiers Redacted

Actually, I'm just going to summarize, because if I just redacted it wouldn't obscure enough.

A long awaited project is going to be even longer awaited, as the creator is under doctor's orders not to create until better. Or something of that sort. Please continue to wait. 

Did I mention that I will no longer fund projects in their "embryonic" or "one step beyond my notes" stage anymore because of projects like this? Can't do it, no matter the coolness factor. My heart can't take the stress. Maybe I need a doctor's note...

Axes and Anvils 


A few things -

I just heard from Stonehaven. We are going to start getting your minis ready to ship. Huzzah!

So, time to share the thing I have been working on. During playtesting it turned out that Axes and Anvils may be uniquely suited to something I have wanted to find a way to do for years - a real rpg with no game master. Because of the whole Clan / all for one feel sitting down with your friends and telling the tale of your dwarves really works. I'm thinking it may be an option rather than a default but there you go. (I am so looking forward to this game. Hopefully it will match at least half of my expectations ;)

The Cairn Kickstarter is up. Please check it out if you haven't. This is something we added to the schedule to help keep the engines running here at the Castle. Starting a new company, developing several product lines and running a Convention is pricey. It's a fun little game that is already finding it's own audience.

Playtest packs are the top of my to do list. Thanks so much for your patience! You guys are the best!

Dwarven Adventurers Box Set

Wednesday Update - 11.14.12

Short update today but all good things!

- We've begun to assemble the boxes, we're still waiting on a few things from our casters but it looks like everything is on schedule. So far we have about half of the dwarves, the bases, and the character cards ready and we're waiting for the rest of the dwarves to show up later this week and for the Troll to arrive just before Thanksgiving. We know how we'll be spending our holidays! :) (I am so looking forward to this set of minis)

- I've sent out all of the address surveys. Please respond to them. If you move in the next two weeks let us know.

- Those of you who have painted minis, look for a message this week regarding painting and conversion requests.

That's it for now!

Stonehaven Miniatures

Player's Companion for the Adventurer Conqueror King RPG 

Technically a Backer's Only, so I'll summarize - The ACKS Player's Companion has gone to print! Woot! Just think, yesterday I decided to axe my ACKS Campaign and move on to AD&D 1e. Such are the ways of the Gods of Gaming and the Fickleness of Fate...


  1. I've just pointed a couple of pals of mine towards your blog. Although you write about a ton of cool stuff, your kickstarter commentary is fantastic, and offers an insight into expectations and consequences of failing to meet them. The two lads in question are putting the final touches on a decade long labour of love and are thinking about crowd sourcing it. Having them read about the process through the eyes of a consumer will do them good I think.

    1. P.S. thanks for the mention about my free NPC offer, It was massively successful, and you played no small part in that. http://shortymonster.co.uk/?p=373

  2. "A long awaited project is going to be even longer awaited, as the creator is under doctor's orders not to create until better. Or something of that sort. Please continue to wait. "

    Hm. Seriously? I'm not sure what project that is, but I have a funny feeling anyway. Also the words "long con" occur to me.

  3. You should feel free to repeat the Player's Companion updates - the only part that's really backers-only is the info on how to download at the ends.

  4. Tenkar, your "stress" about Dwimmermount -- "a long awaited project..." -- is a bit much. So James seriously underestimated the work he'd need to put in. So what? He wouldn't be the first, but at least he has a track record of producing stuff. Also, after the f-up that was last spring/early summer he's been cranking out material pretty steadily. I have no doubt that the project will eventually get done, and that it will be of a pretty high quality (at least in terms of layout, etc).

  5. @Mel - I never named the project

    In any case, you are discussing Dwimermount. At the moment James seems to be working on his long put off Petty Gods. That's his choice. Heck, we might see that by Christmas.

    Personally, I'd rather he put his effort into a delayed project (that will be much delayed when it finally releases at the current rate of progress - yes, I can read the graphs) that has been paid for by his backers.
    The delay was due in large part to having little more than scratch notes completed when the project went live and requested funding. Is James the first or last to be in that situation? No. Will the market tolerate it going into the future? I think consumers in our corner of the hobby are getting annoyed by the constantly overdue projects - Far West is a much worse offender at the moment but at least it is theoretically close to completion. We don't have an estimate for Dwimmermount except 2013 as far as I know.

    The quality will be high when the project finally gets done in terms of layout, but that will be thanks, in no small part, to Tavis and the rest of the Autarch crew.

  6. @Mel - Forgot to add, if you failed to detect the tongue in cheek humor in the original post, that's something I can't help you with - but it was there.

    Maybe we need to add that to the OSR spell list or something... ;)


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