Monday, November 19, 2012

OSR Kickstarter - Adventures Dark & Deep - (and it's already written!)

If you follow my blog at all these days, you know I have a thing about Kickstarters and folks panhandling or passing the hat before they have anything truly prepared. This, of course, results in missed shipping dates and disappointed backers. Actually, backers might be the proper term, but customers are what we truly are, because none of us are intentionally supporting stuff that we think will fail - those thoughts come later, after months (years in some cases) of waiting for overdue Kickstarters to complete. It a viscous fucking cycle.

Where am I going with this?

Look at what Joe Block has already done with his Adventures Dark & Deep Kickstarter:

The Players Manual is the first of three rule books to be published under the Open Game License. It will be approximately 270 pages and will be lavishly adorned with interior b&w art and a full-color cover. The Players Manual will be followed by the Game Masters Toolkit and Bestiary. 
Adventures Dark and Deep™ is designed to be played as a stand-alone game, but can also be used as a source of inspiration and new ideas for your existing game. 
The rules for Adventures Dark and Deep™ are completely written and have undergone an extensive 18 month open playtest. Feedback from that platest has been incorporated into the rules, ensuring that they are complete, workable, and above all, fun. The proceeds from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to pay for the artwork and professional editing.  
The game is done. We just need to make it beautiful.
I'm in!

Fuck that, I'm in at $250. Joe, my weekly group is six plus the DM. You may have to make some extra room at your virtual table for the session ;) 

More info on Adventures Dark &Deep:

- Complete information on the various character races
- Complete information on the various character classes and sub-classes, including the   bard, jester, mystic, savant, and mountebank
- The complete combat system
- Hundreds and hundreds of spells, including tons of new spells for both the new and old character classes
- Sections on equipment, experience, hit points and healing, and lots more!


  1. Hell, Erik, you're in or around NYC, right? We'll set something up face-to-face, if you're up for it!

    And thanks both for the pledge and the mention!

  2. Joseph - with the exception of Joe the Lawyer, the rest of my group is spread around the US and Canada. Old School to the core though. We're on G+ most Saturday nights.

    I've been bitching and complaining about half done projects that seek to get paid up front and then take forever to complete - your's has already been playtested. You already have a proven track record.

    I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and I hope others do the same

  3. And seriously, I can't thank you enough for that pledge. When I put it in there, I never thought anyone would actually want to do it!

  4. Hey, I'm not allowed to bitch about the half assed projects if I fail to put my weight behind the serious projects.

    BTW, start thinking stretch goals, looks like you may need some ;)


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