Friday, November 23, 2012

Lulu is Running a 30% Off Sale!

I know Lulu is constantly running a sale of some sort, and anyone that pays full price at Lulu is probably a fool. I know I paid full price with my first few purchases at Lulu before finding their coupons.

For the Black Friday Holiday weekend they are running a 30% off sale. Now is the time to pick up some of those RPG products that you might have been putting off. The code is: DELIRITAS

Me? I'll be grabbing OSRIC in Hard cover, the latest Anomalous Subsurface Environment and probably some issues of NOD. If you haven't picked up Blood & Treasure, this is the perfect opportunity. There is quite simply a huge amount of OSR goodness at Lulu.

Heres a bit of extra savings on Blood & Treasure, NOD and John Stater's other stuff in print:
As a way to show my appreciation, I'm put all of my books at Lulu are now 10% off between now and the end of the year (not the PDF's though - they're cheap enough already). At the moment, Lulu is doing a 30% sale as well (code is DELIRITAS), so if you've been waiting to buy NOD or Blood & Treasure or anything else, now's the time! Remember, with Blood & Treasure, I'll send you a link for a free download of a PDF when you buy a hard cover book - just email me the receipt.


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  3. (Deleted previous posts since link is no longer operable.)

    Apparently my thread over at the KnK Alehouse got nuked... I'm telling you, the OSRIC Player's Guide is cursed! So if you want one, you better get it now, lol.

    Anyway, if folks want more info on it, just search for OSRIC Player's Guide at lulu.com, or see my company's website at www.vanquishingleviathan.com


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