Sunday, November 18, 2012

AD&D 1e is the System - Keranak Kingdoms Will be the Setting.

With my new campaign taking off right around the Christmas Holidays (give or take) I needed to find a campaign setting to use with the chosen ruleset of AD&D 1e.

I thought of using the Majestic Wilderlands (and the excellent Scourge of the Demon Wolf adventure / sourcebook) but I'm looking to go just a hair less sandbox this time around. I may steal or borrow bits and pieces though.

Greyhawk and The Forgotten Realms have too much baggage and expectations from those that know the settings.

Solution? The Keranak Kingdoms Fantasy Setting. Is it written with the Barebones Fantasy RPG in mind? Sure, but the book itself in generic and very well done. That and it has both a town called Tenkar and Tenkar's Tavern as part of the default setting. Can you guess where I'll be starting out my players?

Besides, I already told Larry Moore I'd be working on an adventure for the area around Tenkar. At the moment, the working title is The Cult of the Auburn Rattus. I had a general outline for something I would have run at Aethercon if work hadn't gone insane earlier this month. The outline was for something to be run in a hour or so, but this should flesh out to a full session or two.

I'll probably write it for AD&D 1e, and then either go generic or BBF RPG when I tighten it up and give it to Larry.

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