Monday, July 9, 2012

WotC Virtual Table Top - Here Today, Gone July 30th

WotC VTT - We Hardly Knew You

What? You didn't know WotC was working on their own VTT for like - forever?

Well, it's too late now. VTT go bye bye soon. As per ENWorld:

This comes from Wotc_Josh from the group D&D Insider Beta.
"I wanted to inform you all about an important decision that Wizards has made regarding the D&D Virtual Table and Virtual Table Beta. While we appreciate the enthusiasm and participation in the Beta phase, we were unable to generate enough support for the tool to launch a full version to the public. Effective July 30, 2012 the D&D Virtual Table Beta will be coming to an end and the VT will be closed.
Over the next three weeks, we encourage you to wrap up your existing campaigns and make sure to gather contact information from your online group members so that you can stay in touch if you like. We realize that because all data generated in the tool is in a proprietary format usable only by the Virtual Table, it is not possible to export your campaigns for use in another tool. You can, however, take screenshots of any notes, maps or adventures that you would like to hang on to or use in your home games. 
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the VT Beta and look forward to continuing to support D&D game play through our D&D Insider digital tools and D&D Next."
I really like how all your shit that you entered onto their VTT is in proprietary format and can't be exported.

That's the way to support your customers!


  1. GameTable Online, the developers of the Virtual Table, are making plans to adopt it. http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/29226245/DDNext_going_digital_--_Virtual_Tabletop_canned!

  2. WotC? Fail again? Color me shocked.

  3. Even if GTO weren't going to adopt their format, it probably would've been workable to reverse-engineer it, given a sufficient sample size and documentation of the contents of each file. Not trivial, but workable.

  4. we were unable to generate enough support for the tool to launch a full version to the public.

    Oh that's rich. It was supposed to be launched alongside D&D4 and they're trying to blame the audience. Classy.

  5. Clearly if customers don't want to buy your crappy product, it's the customers' fault.



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