Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pavis Rises For a Buck (RuneQuest)

There is a selection of MRQ 1+2 available for a buck a piece. I mean, at that price, it's hard to go wrong.

My favorite supplements from RQ2 was Pavis and Big Rubble. My God but that was an awesome campaign.

Now that I'm reviewing RQ6, I'm looking to see what Glorantha products are available on the cheap.

Pavis Rises and Glorantha: 2nd Age are both a buck a piece. Written for MRQ2, they should both be highly compatible with RQ6 (and are fully compatible with Legend). A campaign world and a book of adventures for a buck a piece. Hard to beat.

I can tell you what I'll be reviewing next in the RuneQuest line after I finish the RQ6 review. ;)


  1. Despite having read a bunch of Glorantha stuff, I've never really got my head around the idea of playing in the setting - the role of myth, heroquesting, and the like.

  2. We ran Pavis and Big Rubble as a sandbox - worked well. Didn't worry about the rest except as window dressing ;)


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