Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Look at RuneQuest 6

Coming in at 458 pages for the PDF, the RuneQuest 6 core rulebook is a large game to read through. To put things into perspective, the DCC RPG PDF comes in at 488 pages (I've run 2 session and have yet to read the full DCC RPG rulebook). It is not a light weight book. Also, it is priced similarly to the DCC RPG Corebook, coming in at $25 for the PDF. Neither is cheap. Neither is what I would classify as an "Impulse Buy".

Still, as PDFs go, this one is definitely user friendly, which certainly adds to the value. Not only is it bookmarked but it has an extensively hyperlinked Table of Contents (something the DCC RPG certainly could use).

The designers of RQ6 state a number of goals they had in mind when designing the latest edition of RQ. I'm going to quote that piece from the introduction below, as these are some of the things I'll be referring to as I review RQ6 in later posts:

In designing RuneQuest Sixth edition we had several aims foremost in our minds:

To recapture the spirit and feel of the earlier editions of RuneQuest.

Provide a comprehensive fantasy roleplaying game that capitalises on Rune-Quest’s strengths.

Streamline the system, but also introduce new mechanics and systems that reflect what is happening in 21st Century roleplaying games.

Bring RuneQuest to a new audience, and continue to care for its old fans.

It will be interesting to see if they accomplish their goals, especially as I'm a RQ Game Master from the 2nd and 3rd editions of the game. Guess I better get reading ;)

Did I mention I love the cover?  Yep, it rocks!


  1. Actually, the DCC book isn't as heavy as it looks like it should be to me. Of course I have one of the 1st printings with the mistakes & no index.

  2. Nice cover indeed. It looks like a new take on the 2nd ed cover.


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