Monday, July 9, 2012

Games From the Basement - Mutazoids 2nd Edition

Oh my God! Look! The blurb on the cover says "One of the best SCI-FI Role-Playing Games EVER!" It must be true!

Mutazoids 2e - Post-Holocaust Roleplaying in a world of Mutants & Super Powers.

Look at that cover.  Cops with their black & white patrol car and six shooter revolvers confronting some sort of bat-man and a scantily clad woman with horns at her knees and elbows. Hubba hubba!

This game came out in 1992, so it's 20 years old this year. I don't recall ever running it. I don't recall ever wanting to run it. 46 of the 112 pages are devoted to character generation. Looking at the random charts involved in character generation for the players, I can't see my old group looking to run it either.

Hmm, here's a quote from the back cover:

"Players create Enforcers - the futures equivalent to police officers who carry out laws passed by the cruel government known as the Second Republic".

Sorry, I'd rather play the human-bat-guy or the Horney lady on the cover. :)


  1. Yeah! I picked up a battered cigarette-smelling copy real cheap off eBay. The basic idea was kind of generic, but cool. I agree with the funky rules, though!

  2. Yeah, being a mutazoid looks way more fun.

  3. This is a game that almost from day or release seemed to be shunted off to the remainders pile...I was never brave (or foolish) enough to pick up a copy!


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