Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mega-Dungeon Concept - Reuse Dungeon Maps From 1985 For 2012 Sensibilities

I'm very seriously considering reusing my re-found dungeon maps from the late 80's in a modern style sensibility "Mega-Dungeon".

For my personal use, I'd probably use the ACKS system for the stating out of the critters, as that is the system I'm using for my current campaign.

If I release it for free download, I will probably go the "generic" route, as I have no intention of worrying if I'm obeying the fine print of the OGL or one of the clone licensees.

I wouldn't worry too much about how I fleshed out the dungeons back in the day - that was 100% using the tables in the back of the DMG. I'd be aiming for some internal consistency and maybe even some dungeon history thrown into the package.

I thought that way once, as evidenced by the room descriptions attached. Wish I could find the accompanying map, but no dice so far.

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