Monday, July 9, 2012

Running My Second DCC RPG Arc Tonight - Funnel Casualties Expected ;)

Running the start of my second DCC RPG Arc tonight - It's Funnel time!

For the last funnel I used the funnel from the DCC RPG rulebook because it was the shortest of my options. I'm leaning towards doing the same again tonight for the following reasons:

1 - It's the first time getting this group of players together, so there will be some time lost in the beginning sorting things out.

2 - Last time I had 4 players and we ran with 4 PCs each. This time I have 6, maybe 7 players - we'll be rolling with 3 PCs each I think tonight.

3 - We only have a 3 hr time block, so I'd rather complete everything early than run way too late.

4 - We'll be using TableTop Forge for the G+ Hangout, and that may have a small learning curve involved.

5 - I've run it before - less stress, no mess

Wish us luck ;)

1 comment:

  1. I'd do the same. I'm leery of tweaking the funnel after all the warnings in the book to follow it strictly.


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