Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mike Mearls Live Chat 1100 - 1200 PDT May 16 (Tomorrow)

Yep, Mike Mearls and Some Other Guy are going to be having a chat about D&D Next and the upcoming play test tomorrow, May 16 from 1100 am to 1200 pm in a chat format with moderated questions.

Now, as the hours are such that most folks gainfully employed are working, I suspect the Q&A isn't so much intended to elicit true questions about the direction of the game, but more likely it will turn into a sort of posted FAQ for the play test after the fact.

Do I think that most of the questions will be from "ringers"?  Yes.  Or at the very least, the only questions that will make it through moderation will be "ringer" type questions.  But hey, I'm working during the chat, so I'll never get to ask MY questions:

Are you no longer attempting to design a game that can evoke the play styles of all the D&D Editions prior to D&D Next?

Since when are a first level and a second level Magic User spell considered "high level"?

Is "The Lazer Cleric" the reason you redesigned the cleric to be damn near useless?  Wouldn't it have been easier to just design the rules to prevent a "Lazer Cleric" repeat instead of nerfing the entire class?

What is your real issue with Turn Undead?

Why did Monte REALLY leave?

and of course:  Mike, who do you have in the 2012 WotC Christmas Termination Pool?

What are your questions? ;)

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