Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Showing a Little More Sand in the Campaign

I suspect that my players will wrap up the current adventure this Saturday. They've already accomplished much of the current scenario and have indicated a desire to move up the game's start time - as 4 hrs of gaming was a hard place to stop last week. The next session will last as long as it needs to last I suspect.

So, afterwards, it will be time to lift the curtain, so to speak, and allow my players to explore more than just the initial surroundings of their starting town.

Initially, my plan was to use Christian's HEX 000 Series as is, but I think it will serve my purposes better to break the hexes up and use them where I need them. Christian's decision to draw the series to a close with the 7th installment made it an easier decision to make, as I want an opportunity to use all of the quirky stuff he's included so far. Breaking them up will allow me to do so.

I've been going through the Toys For the Sandbox series to see which ones fit my view of the setting I'm using.

To some extent I feel a bit like the painter Bob Ross - "Maybe some pacifist Kobolds live over here. Time to use some Magic White." Not that I have pacifist kobolds planned for any of the hexes. Really. Cross my heart.

I'd like to say AD&D 2e's Deck of Encounters rounds things out, and it will definitely find use, but I need more.

Megadungeons? Check

Mini-Dungeons? Check

Some Tombs? Check

Rumors and seeds? Planting in progress.

Still, I'm always open to more resources. Because more is better, and even stuff I don't use immediately or directly still gets to bounce around my head (Tome of Adventure, I'm talking to you!)

So, any indispensable resources for a nice sandbox styled campaign I might be missing?


  1. What if they are Shaolin monk pacifist kobold? Not Amish pacifist kobolds?

  2. Sounds like you've got all the possible zagging covered!


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