Friday, May 18, 2012

Chris Perkins Posted Some Excellent Maps at the WotC Site

I was going to have the Grumpy Dwarf look at the Latest Rule of Three but there really isn't anything there worth talking about, let alone riffing on, so Grumpy will sit this one out.

That being said, there actually is a truly worthwhile post by Chris Perkins up at the WotC site, at least if you use battle maps for your gaming.  Heck, even if you don't, there are some decent dungeon maps that are screaming to be fleshed out with some Old School love.

Look at the above map.  I won't be able to flesh this out in time for tomorrow's game, but by the following session, this will be somewhere in the sandbox.

Make sure you download the linked file and not just the thumbnails on the screen.  Yes, I did that.

For those that want to play the AD&D 2e Trivia Game (rules are listed here), this post's questions are as follows:

Question 1 - for 2 points - True or False?  All spells permit a saving throw.

Question 2 - for 3 points - Who can be dual-classed characters?
                                        a) Only nonhuman races
                                        b) Only humans
                                        c) Members of any race
                                        d) Only NPCs

Question 3 - for 4 points - A warrior is busy battling some goblins hand-to-hand.  What must Farij the Priest do to cast a cure light wounds spell on his warrior friend?


  1. again, at least one answer is right and at least one answer is wrong ;)

  2. 1. False
    2. Only Humans
    3. Attack roll vs AC 10

  3. this thread is closed for contest entries now :)

    The correct answers are:

    1 - False

    2 - Only Humans

    3 - Must make a successful attack roll vs AC 10

    well done! point totals will be updated shortly

  4. Greg Christopher gets 6 pts - question 1 earns 2 points, question 2 earns 3 points (both were correct) question 3 earns 1 pt for an incorrect answer.

    Eldric IV gets a pt each for questions 1 and 2 (correct answers to a question that was correctly answered by a prior poster) and 4 pts for correctly answering question 3 - total points is 6

  5. Do you have links to enlarged versions of those maps?

  6. regretfully no.

    the dungeon maps are large enough for me to print out and stock, but the detail does get a bit squishy.

    maybe Chris can be encouraged to post some higher def maps ;)


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