Friday, May 18, 2012

Four Years Later and WotC Still Doesn't Have a Viable VTT

I've really been having a blast using the Tabletop Forge app in Google+ Hangouts to facilitate by online ACKS Campaign. With the D&D Next "Open" playtest kicking off next week, it got me thinking about the Virtual Table Top that WotC promised at the release of D&D 4e.

You remember. WotC released some mocked up, 3d styled images of their non-existant (at the time) VTT that included a dice image stolen directly from the Fantasy Grounds VTT. Smiteworks even hit WotC with a C&D over that back in June of '08.

Fast forward to November of 2010, and WotC opened the beta testing of their VTT to select members of their digital subscription. From what I recall, it looked nothing like the original mockup that was presented over 2 years prior.

Now we are 4 years after the announcement of the WotC Virtual Table Top and it still isnt done yet. It was announced with the release of D&D 4e, and the open play test of D&D 5e starts next week and we still don't have it.

It's a shame.

Not that I'm complaining. Tabletop Forge fills most of my needs, and it hasn't taken 4 years to get to that point.

Maybe WotC should crowdsource the design of their VTT just like they are doing with D&D Next. ;)

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