Saturday, May 19, 2012

Games From the Basement - Cyberpunk 2020

I always like the idea of playing in a cyberpunk themed game.  Somewhere I have GURPS Cybertech(>) filed away, shadow run always seemed very cyberpunk to me, and obviously a game with the title Cyberpunk 2020 is going to be cyberpunkish.

Did I ever play it?  Nope

I always had a much more varied taste in RPGs than the rest of my gaming group did.  There are lots of games that I bought because I thought they would be cool to play.  This was one of them.

Teenagers From Outer Space I could understand them not wanting to play... Cyberpunk I thought would have hooked them in.  Ah well.

At least we had Rifts ;)

Edit -Forgot the Trivia Questions ;)

For those that want to play the AD&D 2e Trivia Game (rules are listed here), this post's questions are as follows:

Question 1 - For 3 points - Must a PC always undergo training before advancing to the next level? (please give a brief explanation of your answer)

Question 2 - For 4 points - Which type of halfling dwells in the mountains?

Question 3 - for 6 points - What are the four nonmagical ways of  detecting an invisible creature or character?

Good Luck :)


  1. I have played CP2020 once. I remember quite liking it and I'd like to play it again one day.

    I owned the spin-off Cybergeneration, which was unfairly maligned in my opinion, although it was a difficult game to play.

  2. I love Cyberpunk 2020. We never did get a full on campaign going, but we messed around with it. Kinda wish I still had a copy.

    Okay, trivia!

    1. No- training was an optional rule in 2nd edition.

    2. Stout Halflings.

    3. Throwing something on the creature like flour or paint; hearing; tracking; invisible character has a light source (the light emanation is visible)

  3. I played a brief Cyberpunk campaign once upon a time. My character was a Solo with wired reflexes, smartgun link, and that funky cyber eye. His name was Speed. I was the only one (besides the GM) who had ever roleplayed. The other guys thought they knew real world guns so they equipped their guys with Glocks (of course). When the first firefight broke out Speed's wired reflexes kicked in and in a blink I'd ripped my .50 Desert Eagle from underneath my army jacket and shot a guy in the forearm. It entered near the wrist and tore him a new ass all the way to his elbow.

    The other guys wanted to retool their characters on the spot. Hilarious.

  4. I loved Cyberpunk 2020, having played a lot during my high school years. In fact, my cyberpunk posts on my blog are the most popular (by far!) even though I focus on fantasy.

    I also noticed that there are cyberpunk 2020 (second edition) games being run at Gencon 2012! Not many, so register tomorrow fast!

    Also you might want to swing by B/X Blackrazor and check on his cyberpunk game he's working on.

  5. I too loved Cyberpunk 2020. We actually played it fair amount in high school - although Shadowrun was the more popular game. I really disliked the whole magic element in Shadowrun, however. I like my cyberpunk game straight with no chaser.

  6. the third question has not fully be answered - question 3 is still open

  7. I've always been fascinated by the Cyberpunk genre but never played.. I found a pretty cool Shadowrun MUD that was enjoyable to play.

  8. Q1: Training is optional. If in use, a character must have a tutor or instructor. This tutor must be of the same class and
    higher level than the one the character is training for

    Q2: Stout (living near dwarves) and Furchin originating on Falakyr a world of ice, mountains, and glaciers.

    Q3: blunder into an invivible creature, throw flour or other clinging things, follow their tracks, distortion in the water, hearing, scent them, light carried by invisible creature (but not source) can be seen

  9. this thread is closed for trivia contest entries

    @beastman MORE than covered the methods needed to detect invisible creatures

    scoring is as follows:

    Ryan - 3+4+1 = 8 points

    Beastman - 1+1+6 = 8 points

    that last question is one i failed at myself ;)

  10. We had a blast playing Cyberpunk games. Though there was never an extended campaign, we had many short, intense games.

  11. I love 2020. My old group played it pretty beer-and-pretzel-y but we had good times. It gained a reputation as being a TPK game, but I doubt it was the system's fault. Eventualy we started naming charatcers by drawing a random crayon from a box (Mr Burnt Sienna, for example,) and had plenty of spare character sheets just in case. If we didn't have at least one case of cyberpsychosis by the end of a campaign it was considered a failure.

    I've run it with other groups as a much starighter game, but i still fondly recall those crazy mixed up games. Something about C2020 lends itself to over the top zaniness.


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