Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's Play the AD&D 2nd Edition Trivia Game!

We used to play the shit out of this game back in the early 90's.  We never used anything but the trivia cards.  Speed and accuracy in your answers is what mattered.  So I'm going to run a game for fabulous prizes using the AD&D 2e Trivia Game!  Alright, maybe not fabulous, but they should be fairly nice in any case.

Prizes are One (1) $10 gift certificate to RPGNow for the point leader at the end of the game.

Additionally, there will be some PDFs of the Toys For the Sandbox series to give out randomly to all those that enter.  How many?  At least 5, maybe 10.

You entries for a random prize equals your points earned.  So if you have 11 points, you have 11 entries.  The winner of the gift certificate is not eligible for a random prize.

How to play:

I'm going to post questions from the Trivia Game at the end of this post (and at the end of other random posts) until the end of the month.  That means the game ends at the end of the day, May 31st, 2012.

I may post anywhere from 1 to 4 questions.

Each question has a base point value of 1 to 4 (the number will accompany the question)

Points are awarded as follows.

Each wrong answer before the right answer for that question is given - 1 point, maximum 4 points per set of questions.

First right answer per question - base point value (if you correctly answer all questions, you get full point value) - Note, If I got the question wrong when I read it, it's worth an extra point above and beyond if you get it right!

Each right answer that was previously answered correctly, 1 point per question, so long as one question remains to be answered correctly

Wrong or Right answers after all questions have been answered correctly - 1 point for each entrant for the comment in question (not 1 point per question)

Deleted comments will be treated as wrong answers and scored appropriately

One entry per person per set of questions.  First post for the entrant is the one that counts.

When I close a comment thread to additional entries, no more points can be earned from that set of questions

Let the Games Begin!

Question 1 - 2 Points -  If a fighter wants the best Armor Class rating, which of the following should he wear?

a - plate mail and shield
b - full plate armor
c - bronze plate mail and shield
d - banded mail and shield

Question 2 - 3 Points - Which has a longer range, a light crossbow or a longbow?

Question 3 - 5 Points (+1 Bonus)  How is a greater pegasus created?

Those are the questions - now get cracking!


  1. Q1: b
    Q2: light x-bow
    Q3: bhead a slain medusa and there is a chance for it to spring fully born from the medusa's neck

  2. beastman has at least one question right and at least one question wrong

    folks are leaving points on the table, because you get points for just playing ;)

  3. 1) b
    2) longbow
    3) slay and behead a medusa.

  4. closed to contest entries - points posted on left ;)

    Correct answers are -

    1) b

    2) longbox

    3) If a medusa is slain and beheaded, there is a 5% chance that a newborn greater pegasus will spring forth from the cloven neck.

    well played :)

  5. This was fun! I look forward to your posts every day, sir! Keep up the great work :)

  6. @slalz Grubnik - thanks! i got the first 2 questions right as i pulled them, but the medusa question was over my head (so to speak).

    I really loved this Trivia set back in the day - if I recall correctly, TSR used to run some trivia session on AOL back then too.

  7. oh damn - longbow, not longbow - heh


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