Saturday, April 7, 2012

Deadlands - Night Train - Dime Novel #3

Back in the day (1997) you could get a Deadlands novella, a Deadlands adventure and a scenario for use with the Great Rail Wars for $4.95.  That is what Night Train is, a Deadlands three-fer.

It's funny, as I'm reading over the Deadlands Reloaded core books for Savage Worlds, I realize I never really played enough of Deadlands (I think I ran one session) to really learn the system, but I have fond memories of the setting.

Looking at the stat blocks in Night Train, I have absolutely no idea what they mean, but I think I could convert this easy enough to DL Reloaded.  It wouldn't be a straight conversion by any means, but a working one none the less.

Yep, still cleaning, still packing stuff up ;)

Crap, all this reminds me that I need to get a review of the Deadlands Reloaded: Players Guide completed.  Well, that and I think I need to get a basic charting of the story arcs I want to run with Savage Worlds and the Ubiquity system.  Planning in advance will keep the arcs running like a well oiled machine.  I hope...

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  1. I am new marshall to Deadlands Reloaded myself, and have never played Night Train or had a chance to run Last Sons, but there is a write up about night trains in Last Sons with some stat blocks on it that might be enough to help figure out some of your conversions. There is a thread on the Pinnacle forums from around July where someone had run Night Train and converted it and said he submitted the conversion to Pinnacle to be published if they want, so you just might manage to find an already converted stat block somewhere too.


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