Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Horizon and Odds & Ends

I have some mini-reviews in the hopper (as Lich Dungeon is taking a long time to do a proper review).

30 Things Can Happen is 34 pages of 30 entry random tables to flesh out encounters and "background noise" for your games. It from Creative Mountain Games (Mark's SRD 3.5 Revised is still my go to reference for all things 3.5).

Resolute: Legacy is 40 pages or so of superhero goodness. I'm not big on supers (and haven't checked out the new Marvel Supers game, but that may change as things slow down) but Splintered Realms Publishing has put out some very good, short and inexpensive RPGs in the past. At less than 2 bucks I'll be giving this a peek.

If you purchased a copy of the Castle Keeper's Guide for C&C in PDF from RPGNow (remember the feedback on the pricing of that one?) you should have gotten an email from the Trolls with a link to a free copy of A Lion in the Ropes, an adventure for C&C.

Oh, and I still have some catching up to do with the Toys For the Sandbox Series.

Can't forget more reading of the Ubiquity line of RPGs. God, I'm really enjoying Hollow Earth Expedition, and I'm not a big pulp fan.


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