Friday, April 6, 2012

Finding the Story Behind the Scene

I really feel drawn to this image.  There is a story here, and I need to figure out what it is.  Because when I do, it will be one heck of an image to give to my players.

This could work just as well in my upcoming ACKS campaign as it will in a pulp (HEX) game, or even Solomon Kane.

I'll be showcasing some of the art from Joe Wetzel's successful Stock Art Kickstarter project over the coming weeks, and I'll try an attack a small encounter or background to the art as I do post it (so far it is universally awesome in nature after my quick perusal).

This piece is by Malcom McClinton. (resolution was knocked down for the blog post)


  1. Malcolm gets an amazing level of detail in his paintings. This was supposed to be a background for placing some of the other monsters from the project. The idea was a backdrop of ruins.

  2. Like I posted, there is a story here, waiting to be told... I just need to figure it out so I can tell it ;)

    I'm extremely pleased with the art I've seen so far, Joe.

    You assembled an amazing bunch of artists on this project. Well done :)


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