Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Five is Six - My New Hackmaster Basic Collection

Yep, another picture of the games that arrived at my house yesterday.  In this case it's the five six copies of Hackmaster Basic that I ordered in the 5 for $30 promotion.  I am far from complaining about the extra copy, as I gave it to my sister to give to my brother in law.

This is pretty much a clearing out of old stock / possibly get new players into the fold with a cheaply priced intro product sort of thing, as Hackmaster Advanced or whatever the full product is going to be called will be released fairly shortly.  Hackmaster Basic, for those that don't know, only covers characters from levels 1 to 5.  The new book will carry characters through level 20.

Is Hackmaster going to be my next go-to system.  Nope.  But for $36 including shipping you can put a copy in 5 (or possibly even 6) players hands, it makes for a very nice diversion.  Besides, KenzerCo tends to do some very nice adventures (and I used to enjoy Knights of the Dinner Table until it started getting a bit stale... shame).


  1. Nice haul, man! I did something similar with the WoD system rulebook. I bought several to give as gifts. Enjoy! :)

  2. I've given away OSRIC, C&C, S&W, S&W Quickstart, LL, T&T, Rolemaster Express, Knockspell and had dice offs for LotFP WF and S&W White Box.

    I'm sure I'm missing a game or two. I always bring gaming stuff for the lads when we have a Gathering of Fools ;)

  3. I took advantage of that deal too, even though I already have a copy plus the PDF of the Player's Handbook. I figure it's a lot easier to get players into Hackmaster with that than trying to convince them to buy a $60 book. Not sure when I'll get the chance - or desire - to run a HM game (I just discovered Labyrinth Lord, so that's got dibs on my next campaign), but I figured just having that option is worth $36.

  4. @Jordanxn - a small price to pay f or possibly big dividends down the line ;)

  5. According to Dave Kenzer the deal, which ends on 4/6/2012, was inspired by a thread at RPG.net. See this post by Dave;

    So, basically K&Co responded to a thread about trying out/recommending a game system by offering a deal just for that purpose.


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