Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm a Mac - and - I'm a PC

I finally BootCamped my iMac with Win7 Ultimate.  Which also means I've been installing Fantasy Grounds 2 and all the rulesets I own.  I'd like to get something up and running in December, either thru FG2, G+ or a combination of the 2.  More when I know.  In the meantime, reinstalling many games via Steam.

Never got the chance to do new video with "Felty" today.  Hopefully tomorrow.


  1. See? 'George' would have been a Go-Getter.

    Felto...waziname...just something that starts with 'F'.

  2. Don't stop there! You could probably get Linux installed on a graphing calculator, XP on a digital watch, and DOS on a slab of good cheese!


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