Monday, October 10, 2011

Feltothraxis Looks at OD&D (vidblog)

The Newly Named Dragon - Feltothraxis - takes a look at the oldest gem in his horde of RPGs - Original Dungeons & Dragons.

We actually had a camera man for this one - my son was behind the lens.  In the background you can hear the Dachshund walking around on the wood floor - I think we need to trim her nails ;)

Oh, outtakes are on the end :)


  1. LMAO! I love the accent for Feltie! And I have to say I admire your possession of that little gem. Nothing like having a game that inspired a whole hobby & industry. For better or worse, D & D is the point of reference for anyone in the RPG community. It sets that standard for comparisons.

  2. Heh! Can you tell I'm having fun? ;)

  3. So. When does the 'Give Feltothraxis a middle name contest' begin?

  4. No middle name is planned, as it well known dragon's posses but one name.

    There may be a Name the Blue Knight Contest coming up later this month, depending on the arrival date and look in person of another hand puppet.

    We will see. For now, it is time for Feltothraxis to shine :)


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