Friday, October 14, 2011

and Now for Something Completely Different

Hopefully tonight I'll have some free time and me able to get the next Feltothraxis episode filmed and uploaded. If not, I'll make sure I get some more Felty practice in with my 10 month old niece - she'll be visiting tomorrow and she certainly likes the dragon.

I'm still hurting from yesterday - long and stressful. I just need to sleep in tomorrow and all will be right with the world. Lesson learned - do not keep a half filled water glass anywhere near the edge of my desk - the cat will surely knock it down and soak some choice RPG books - sigh.

Just over 3 weeks to the big day. Holy carp! heh


  1. Congrats as the day approaches! Hope you get some rest, looking forward to the next Feltothraxis' "Treasures from the Hoard" video.

  2. Thanks Padre. Hope I can catch up on some Zzzz's this weekend ;)


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