Friday, October 14, 2011

Mini Review - Mazes & Perils Core Rules (OSR Clone)

From my (admittedly) quick glance of the rules, Mazes & Perils appears to be a retro clone of the Original Collector's Box and the First Basic Set.  Which is all fine and dandy, until I find it referring to "hobbits" on page 3 and referring to them as "halflings" on the same page.  That's keeping to the original just a tad TOO much if you ask me.

No class as race stuff, thieves are included, exceptional strength on a roll of 18,  adjusted d6 for HP, no cleric spells at 1st level, 5 alignments and only fighting men advance in combat ability (damn you Raggi!).

I couldn't find weapon damage.  It's probably 1d6 no matter the weapon, but my quick perusal couldn't find it.  If you find it, please point it out to me ;)

The price is free. 62 pages for a complete game. Which means I'll need to link this on the left AND include it on the difficulty scale I'm working on.

From the blurb:

Welcome to fantasy gaming, welcome to when things were simple, where you had man with a sword and magic user with spells. No powers here, no special abilities, no roll checks to see if you find something. Everything here is just guidelines for playing your favorite fantasy game that everyone talks about. This game is based off of rules created in the late '70s of the very popular fantasy roleplaying game!


  1. Page 48-Variable Weapon Damage.

    And I'm surprised it hasn't been pulled down. Just the 30 seconds I looked at it I noted multiple copyright violations...and they even bothered to get an ISBN #...wow...

  2. And I noticed that they mixed it up between race as class with exceptions. They also only detail 3 races-Dwarves, Elves and Halflings-but mention humans constantly, leaning toward descriptions of humans under the class categories-like 'Clerics-these are humans...'

  3. @ADD Grognard you read further then me ;-)

    it did seem to be grabbing from multiple sources

  4. I process a lot very fast...I have 4 screens going currently :)

  5. And wow...check out that stylish grammar...I process a lot very fast...or, in english, I process large amounts of information from multiple sources at an inhuman rate.

    Oh, and the links are dead to the file locations for Zenobia but I tracked them down:


  6. Lulu print copy link from the author's blog:


  7. I just left a review on RPGNow and it wasn't favourable. I haven't looked closely at the text, but so many of the tables have been lifted straight from Holmes with almost no alterations. This is the most blatant copyright violation I have seen. Vincent Florio is clearly either completely ignorant about the OGL and copyright issues, or he doesn't give a stuff. Given that the production values are extremely poor, I suspect the former.

  8. This appears to be the same gentleman who put out that short lived OSRIC Player's Reference, which was pulled due to copyright violation.

  9. You might want to have a second look. I can't vouch for the copy-rightedness of the tables, but the text has been extensively re-written (disclaimer: re-written by me).


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