Monday, January 3, 2011

The Trollish Taproom - The Missing Tunnels & Trolls Edition

The missing Tunnels & Trolls Edition, if you must know, is the 6th edition. We went from the Flying Buffalo published 5.5 edition to the Fiery Dragon published 7.0 edition. This was a nod to the various fan written rulesets that had been floating about the net.

The 6e ruleset that has stuck is the book published by Outlaw Press. I had been of the mindset to ignore it, what with the Outlaw Press controversy, and it being an unofficial edition (no matter what the book itself may say, it is not an "official" edition). With the Trollgod removing his "pox upon tho" position on those that purchase Outlaw Press products, I decided to pick up 6e. I'm glad I did.

Not only does it help me get closer to completing my Tunnels & Trolls Rulebook Collection, it is a nice edition of the rules. In many ways, it it truer to 5/5.5 then 7/7.5 are, and yet there are some noticeable changes to the game balance.

For me, the most striking are character generation - stats no longer get a multiplier depending on Kindred, instead, the number of dice rolled is changed. This changes the spread of numbers, and is a good change IMO.

Warrior no longer double the points their armor protects them for. Instead, they add 2 points of armor protection per level, no matter the armor they are wearing (even no armor). I think this adds some flexibility, and may even remove the min/maxing of armor for some players.

There's a crap load more, both large and small, that 6e does different. Still, the change isn't as much as from 5.5e to 7e.

Oh, as a side note, it appears that Outlaw Press' latest website is down. Their site drops more often then pants at an army physical.

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