Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Geek Tech Tip - The iSpot From Clear

Last month, when everyday seemed to offer a new unbeatable deal, I found Clear's iSpot 4g Wireless hub for sale for a mere $20 (usually $99). It is advertised as a 4g service solely for iOS devices (Apple's iPads, iPhones and iTouches). For $25 a month, no contract, you get unlimited 4g service - assuming you live / work in an area covered by Sprint's 4g network.

I have been receiving mailed advertisements from Clear since the summer, and while I found it interesting, I could never justify the price point. This time around, I couldn't justify not taking a chance on it.

My review after using it for a few weeks? Its amazing. I can get a nice, solid, fast internet signal both in downtown Manhattan and the outer boroughs of NYC. The device does not receive 3g, so Long Island and Upstate NY or the Poconos it's basically a brick. Still, what it does, it does very well.

It does more then advertised BTW. I've yet to find a device, laptop or phone that I could not connect to it. I had assumed it would have been locked to iOS devices view MAC address filtering, but that is apparently not the case. As I really only use the iSpot at work or my fiancés apt, 99% of the time is spent on my iPad. Still, its nice to know i can use it otherwise. I don't know if my iSpot is an aberration or not, and I can't speak for others out there, but this was a very pleasant surprise.

If you find it on sale, and if you are in one of the limited areas covered by its service, and you need a better connection for you iPad, this is a great option.

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