Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tenkar's Trollish Tavern

I'm currently toying with the idea of spinning much of the Tunnels & Trolls stuff that I blog about to it's own blog.  For now, it's just a thought.

In the meantime, I'll be titling and tagging most of the future T&T posts with "Tenkar's Trollish Tavern".  I'll be covering all the Tunnels & Trolls stuff I can find, whether or not their source is considered "politically correct".  I say "politically correct", as the legitimacy of Outlaw Press' products is in dispute, although with Trollgod bowing out of the scuffle, I am leaning toward considering their products as legitimate, if not licensed (we all know that game rules can't be copyrighted, just their presentation can).

I've read thru (well, bounced thru) Outlaw Press' 6th Edition of the rules, and there is an awful lot to like.  I might be preferring it to T&T 7.5e.  Heresy, I know, but them's the facts.  More on that on a later post.

Remember, there are still prizes to be picked up from the latest contest.  Zanazaz, you have a time limit with your prize, so contact me ASAP at tenkarsDOTtavern@gmailDOTcom


  1. Name possibilities for the T&T spinoff:

    Tenkar's Troll Nest

    Tenkar's Trolling Alley

    Tenkar's Trollbooth

  2. nice scott... i'll consider them :)

  3. hhmmm... Tenkar's Troll Tunnel, perhaps?

  4. Tenkar, I've tried leaving two other comments tonight, but something keeps happening. ( Probably my computer... ) Anyway, I've sent you an email. Thanks!

  5. I think it's a marvelous idea and will put your posts in a nice format while still keeping the T&T stuff within this blog.

  6. Tenkar's Trolling Post anyone? Heh

  7. I'm leaning towards The Trollish Taproom at the moment

  8. Well, I wonder if you have gotten this confused or something. Outlaw Press have done some things which have caught the ire of the rights holders of T&T, that's a known fact.

    The question is not really that Outlaw Press have a problem with "legitimacy". What does it even mean?

    OP have been publishing against the wishes of the holder of the Tunnels & Trolls trademark and the creator of the rules and setting. The fact that Ken have come to some kind of agreement which makes him no longer speak out against these practices is another matter. Legitimacy is not a legal term.

    Should you not talk about the material produced by OP because it is somehow "tainted"? That's absurd! It's a mix of material and some of it is excellent. That it was published under some curious circumstances doesn't change that fact.

    I'd not spend a cent that in any way support the practices of OP, but that's my personal opinion.

  9. hmm... interesting comment hit my email notification, but didn't hit the post itself AD, you may want to resubmit it

  10. Ouch. Let me see if I can recover it.

  11. Nope. No luck. Looks like there's a bug in your blog engine, or something funky with the database.


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