Friday, January 7, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it...no?

The Christmas weekend snow storm was a prime example of city government dropping the ball. Today's little dusting is a prime example of doing too much now to cover you past mistakes - i think a salter went by my window at work at least 3 times so far.

My staff is going a little snow crazy tho - nonstop laughing, god bless them.

Time to stream a movie or two tonight - which means hitting the list you fine folks created ;)


  1. Mrs. Higgipedia and I have been slogging through Doctor Who and Torchwood lately. Oddly enough, out here in the Poconos, they seemed to have dropped the ball with plowing. No idea about the salting, though. The Mrs. told me she fishtailed twice on her way to work, so I'm not leaving unless I have to. I'm confident in my abilities, as well as those of my truck, but the rest of the idiots on the road... yeah...

  2. Hope you have a nice weekend, filled with great movies and fun.

  3. Over at this side of the pond, salt is rapidly becoming the hottest commodity - we're (and by we, I mean Europe) is running out of the stuff. Today they were talking about abandoning the bare-roads strategy, and adopting the good old winter-road strategy instead. Woe onto us, as I fear Norwegians have forgotten how to drive on snow.

    Oh, well, I live in the city centre, so I walk everywhere, and I have good shoes.

    Enjoy your movies.

  4. Good shoes. Very important. Hi Harald.


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