Thursday, January 6, 2011

DCC Did a Job On Me, Now I am a Real Sickie...

What do you get when you cross Goodman Games' upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and a Ramones song? A really bad blog post title.

Anyhow, the retro game that isn't a retro game will be released in 11/11, but is available for preorder now. Needless to say I've reserved my copy.

Let me figure out the various editions / iterations of D&D I currently own:

OD&D in the Collector's Box and all the supplements
D&D Holmes
D&D Metzner
D&D Rules Cyclopedia
AD&D 1e
AD&D 2e / with the stupid Skills & Powers books even
D&D 3e
D&D 3.5e
D&D 4e
Hackmaster 1e
Hacmaster Basic
LL w/ the AEC
S&W White Box
Dark Dungeons
LotFP Weird Fantasy
(edited for the last 2 entries)

Ack, my head hurts.

No wonder Tunnels & Trolls has my attention these days. It only has 7 editions and minor changes between editions.


  1. I realized my D&D folly a couple months ago when I realized I had 11 versions of it. What did I do, picked up S&W White Box and Complete. And forgot to count Hackmaster Basic.

    Now I'm thinking figure out which ones do something different (on a D&D spectrum) and get rid of the rest.

  2. I think the RC re-write is called Dark Dungeons.

  3. Ah, yes... Dark Dungeons. Danke Carter

  4. D&D Mentzer edition
    D&D B/X edition
    AD&D 1e
    D&D 3e
    Hackmaster Basic (pdf only, a gift)
    S&W White Box
    LotFP Weird Fantasy

    Yeah, what can you say? I surely don't need another one.

    If it weren't so that you have deeper pockets than me I would have had some nice editions of T&T as well. Those I have are:

    5th from 1979
    7th tin can
    7.5th ed.


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