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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wherein Your Humble Barkeep Get's a Dedication in Victorious: Manifest Destiny

Few things make me smile more that having someone with inestimable talent dedicate something to little 'ole me.

Damn. Mike, you've left me nearly speechless.

I know, hard thing to do but you did it.

If my readers haven't checked out Victorious yet, you are doing yourselves a disservice. I'm not a huge fan of supers in my RPGS but Mike has found the perfect mix of Victorian history, steampunk and super-heroics. Rach and I had a blast at NTRPG Con playing in Mike's Victorious game.

Heck, even if you don't play Victorious, grab Manifest Destiny. It's a great alt history piece and I love all history.

It's built off of Castles & Crusades, so anyone from White Box through 3x should be able to grok it with few if any issues.

Alright. I'm all verklempt. Carry on...

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