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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Share in the Hoard - Mythoard

You know the LootCrate thing? The one that sends you (or at least me) cool stuff I wouldn't normally buy but I'm glad to own because I like opening up surprise presents I bought for myself? Now we have a similar monthly goodie box for RPGs.

Mythoard is running a beta of it's monthly goodie box that will ship in December. Just think, you can buy yourself a present and STILL be surprised.

What's the cost? 20 bucks, and that includes shipping.

Who's supplying the loot - er, stocking the hoard?

Yeah, I signed up last night. I blame +Tim Shorts . I blame him for many things, but this one he deserves ;)


  1. I signed up and sent them an email letting them know who sent me. :)

  2. Well, to be fair... it would just be easier if everyone moved to the US, anyway.

  3. aren't you too busy hunting and gathering for RPGs anyway?

  4. I'm always a little hesitant to sign up for anything that's a "Send us $20 and you might get some random stuff that *may* be worth $20 and you may or may not actually want."


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