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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tenkar & The Badger - Episode Zero - In the Bag - Lets See What Survives

Earlier tonight +Jason Paul McCartan and I recorded "Episode Zero" of the Tenkar & The Badger Podcast.

It was expected to be an exercise to find our issues and problems - I'm surprised at how few there were. Some initial technical glitches were quickly fixed and I ordered some WD-40 for my squeaky chair.

Our main topic was tournament play (and convention one-shots to some extent) and we did a review of Advanced Adventures #21: The Obsidian Sands of Syncrates from Expeditious Retreat Press, as it is a tournament module (and is offered for sale at PWYW pricing, so there really is no excuse not to take a peek at it.)

Over the next few days we should have some clips to share and possibly a more or less full episode. We kick things off in a grand fashion in about two weeks when Episode One releases with our special guest +Matt Finch :)

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