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Monday, February 24, 2014

Talking About "Players' Maps"...

I have no idea if this map was the players' map of a homegrown dungeon, a module or something from Dungeon magazine.

I do like the idea that they made notations for the areas to check more thoroughly when there is no where else to go. Apparently they also found the well down.

At least it wasn't one of those dungeons where I filled in every block of the hex paper with dungeon. Because I have those ;)


  1. "Yes, I remember that room with the double doors. I killed a bunch of giant rats in there. Good times."

  2. One of the aspects of pre-battlemat/pre-vtt play I miss is describing dungeons to players and then seeing what they draw compared to the original.

  3. The verbal description maps could become interesting but unless you had a player with a mapping fetish they weren't too popular in my past gaming circles.

  4. That looks really similar to the map for Zork II - did you ever play that? Maybe that game helped inspire this map?


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