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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Completed Kickstarter - Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless Roleplaying)

Back in my mostly "non-gaming" days from early 1997 thru 2007 I did more RPG reading than I ever did when I was gaming. Kinda had to make up for lost game time I guess. In that time, I came across Amber Diceless. Maybe not the cleanest written set of rules, but my God, they were inspirational. Somehow, someway I found a group that was about to kick a game off via email, with the GM as a hub. It didn't last long - the logistics of gameplay via this awkward method caused the game to crumble shortly after kicking off. Still, I wanted more - never happened.

When I saw Lords of Gossamer & Shadow was the spiritual successor of Amber Diceless, I was all in. I don't regret it at all, either. It's a beautiful book, and I hope to dig into it a bit while on vacation. Will I run it? Not immediately, but damn sure I will at some point.

Expect a copy or two of the Lords of Gossamer & Shadow rulebook in hardcover to show up as prizes during the "12 Days of an OSR Christmas" daily giveaways come December - lots of other stuff being given away, both in print and PDF. Some nice secret (and not so secret) Santas are helping to kick it up a notch ;)

It hasn't released to the public yet, but the free preview is up on OBS.


  1. looks attractive as all hell. But I dislike the margins with the staircases. Makes it look a little cheap. It's isn't, the art is freaking fantastic, but my eyes are drawn to this wasted space.

  2. Thanks for the post Eric. I am a very proud publisher right now with it going live on the 1st.

  3. It has now been released to the public :)


  4. THe Stair cased 'margins' were replaced with purple borders... (the preview copy is different)


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