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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Got My Basic Fantasy RPG Loot From Amazon Today

Just in time to kick off a new campaign I received this package in the mail:

Talk about timing ;)

I'm thinking of using Morgansfort to kick off the new campaign, whether we use BFRPG or AD&D 1e / OSRIC or something else.

Just think, I got all 4 for $15.64 and free shipping from Amazon.

Impossible price to beat, and they are free in PDF from the Basic Fantasy RPG site.


  1. The adventures as very well done, I thought. They are essentially retro-clones of the first few basic/expert modules. (There is a X2 "clone" called Castle D'Angelo in the works)

  2. Very cool Erik. I've not read those.

  3. Nice! Are they perfect-bound or stapled?

  4. I believe these are perfect bound

  5. Damn you, I just went and ordered these and the game.


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