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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some More Post Game Session Thoughts

Some further thoughts on last nite's ACKS session:

I really need to learn how to use the whiteboard feature in Tabletop Forge (i know i missed that - great save by Charles)

I really need to copy down the notes and scribbles I took last night before I forget what they mean.  It doesn't help that even I have trouble reading my handwriting, especially when written fast.  Penmanship is not my strongpoint.

Clerics aren't needed when the party doesn't take damage.  I expect that will change next session.

I have a bad habit of house ruling on the fly.  I need some sort of flypaper to make sure i make note of these damn house rules.

I do like the ACKS system.  It feels like a cross between B/X and AD&D, which works fine for me, as those are the systems I know best.

The party zigged when I fully expected them to zag in the very first scene.  Which means that the first session's direction went where I hadn't expected (but thankfully I had other provisions planned - it is a sandbox type campaign).  I can already tell my players are going to keep me on my toes.  Which is awesome, as it keeps the game fresh for me as well as the players.

I am truly glad I was prepared for a possible zag or two (although picking a fight in a bar was not the direction I expect).  I know what I'll be doing over the next week.  Preparing myself to expect the unexpected, as this group seems to thrive on going in those directions.

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