Saturday, January 15, 2022

Kickstarter - The Folio: Retro Classics, Ice on the Water Trilogy (1e & 5e)

Ah, 2022, The Year of Transparency here at The Tavern. I'm enjoying it thus far, as there is nothing quite as rewarding as being open and truthful. I've always been happy to be transparent, but in 2022 I'm making an extra effort.

I consider Scott Taylor a friend. I could see us swapping stories over pints of beer at the bar or pub, not that we have :) I've also enjoyed the prior The Folio releases, as they are very reminiscent of the modules of old. I've yet to use any whole cloth, but they are enjoyable to read and inspirational in the material I can steal for my own campaigns. In truth, I need to run more games in 2022.

Scott has a new Kickstarter, The Folio: Retro Classics, Ice on the Water Trilogy, and it looks like another Folio release that I'll be stealing liberally from. All three adventures are 20 bucks in PDF, or 50 bucks in Print plus PDF. In all seriousness, if you haven't picked up past Folio releases, you should consider doing so. The production quality is second to none.

In 1985 I took my first shot at being a game designer, and today, 37 years later, I'm finally trying to bring the dream of that 14 year old kid to reality.  After spending the past twenty years working in the gaming industry, and the past decade with my own company here at Art of the Genre, I think its finally time to bring the Ice on the Water trilogy to life for the general public.  Considering the success of Roslof Keep, my first such 'reanimation' of an old adventure campaign, I absolutely can't wait to let gamers into the workings of my mind as a teen in the 1980s.  Sure, the meat of the adventures will be updated, expanded, and re-imagined, but the bones of are the same.  So prepare yourself for a wondrous ride in the far north of the Nameless Realms, where characters levels 10+ will have a chance to test their metal against magic and monsters never before released to the general public.  Are you ready for Ice on the Water?  R Scott Taylor 

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  1. I've liked what I've seen of Scott's stuff. Worth a look for sure.


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