Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Deal of the Day - The High Moors (OSE Sandbox)

As I've stated elsewhere, reviews will be returning to The Tavern in 2022, and they will be paid for with your support. When you use one of The Tavern's affiliate links, you literally pay for review material.

Today's Deal of the Day is The High Moors for Old School Essentials, or really, any old school RPG systems based on AD&D 1e or earlier. Normally 10 bucks in PDF (no print version available) until tomorrow morning, you can grab The High Moors for a mere 5.20.

I've snagged my copy, and a review should be forthcoming in the next few days - or weeks. Hard to predict ;)

From the blurb:

The High Moors beckon...

Little is known of the Ieldra - a race of cruel and depraved elves that once ruled the northern tableland called The High Moors - and no one has seen an elf in living memory. Their civilisation is dead, destroyed by an incursion from the Far Realm brought about by their hubris.

The ruins of the High Moors have lain undisturbed for centuries. With news from a successful expedition, people have finally considered the treasures waiting to be discovered in the forgotten north.

A number of expeditions have now been dispatched to bring back magic and riches. Unfortunately, danger, horror and madness awaits most of them.

The High Moors is a freeform sandbox weirdcrawl campaign. It is presented for Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy, but easily converted to any OSR edition of your choice.

The High Moors features:

  • a huge wilderness sandbox ideal for a WEST MARCHES style campaign
  • over 60 adventure locations, including three mapped and keyed dungeons
  • 60 battlemaps for Virtual Table Top play!
  • sufficient content to take a party of five adventurers from 1st to 8th level
  • fully detailed and mapped town of Hob’s Lake for your party to use as a local base
  • full colour hex maps of the three wilderness zones
  • twenty new unique magic items
  • nearly forty new unique monsters
  • nine new playable races including bearfolk, owlfolk and uplifted apes!

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